10 Best Outfits To Dye In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

How to Make Tears.

As you fly around the world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll want to make sure Link’s outfit is as good as it can be. Even though all of the armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom look great as they are, you might want to add your favorite color to the set you choose.

You might also want to find the best color for each set, since some sets do look better with a fresh coat of paint. You can dye a lot of cool clothes if you put in the effort to find them all.

The Hylian Set

It makes sense to include this set because not only will it be one of the first things most Tears of the Kingdom players get, but it’s also a classic from Breath of the Wild that’s coming back. The pieces of this set can be dyed in a lot of fun ways to make some great looks.

People have found that dying the hood and main part of the tunic green while letting the pants tan or making them brown is one of the best. This makes Link’s standard look look more modern if you want something new but familiar.

The Glide Set

Since this is one of the best sets for flying through the skies of Hyrule, it makes sense that you might want to change the way it looks. Unlike many of the other armor sets, this one looks great with colors like yellow, orange, and pink that aren’t used as often.

Because the dying process only affects a small part of the whole piece, the dye is more of an accent than a major change. You can wear almost any color with this set, so when you finally get to Hateno Village, you’ll have a lot of options.

The Yiga Set

Since you’ll be around the Yiga Clan a lot in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll probably want to dress up like them. Since this armor can be used in a quest to get a really cool new attack. You might want to make it your own at some time.

The original look of the armor is great, but if you give the whole set a fresh coat of paint. You’ll stand out from other Yiga killers. There’s just something fun about running around as a member of the light-blue Yiga Clan and beating up Master Kohga over and over again.

The Stealth Set

The Stealth Set is another set of gear from Breath of the Wild that has been brought back. And it’s easy to see why. The Sheikah-themed gear has become a fan favorite because it can make Link look like a skilled ninja in so many different ways.

This is another set that looks great in different colors. But many fans have dyed the whole thing white to make it look like something from Assassin’s Creed. You can take it a step further by dying the Hylian Hood white to make it look even more like a killer.

The Charged Set

This is the first of a few sets of gear that can change Link’s hair color completely. The whole look is pretty easy. But the Charged Set is a good choice for those who want to give Link a more royal look.

Almost the whole look of this set is affected by the dye. So it might be best to dye each piece separately to get the best look. Also, you can change the color of Link’s hair and use it with other sets to better represent yourself.

The Barbarian Set

The Barbarian Set is the last one on this list that comes back from Breath of the Wild. A lot of people seem to like it. It makes Link look more like a bad guy and gives him a big boost to his attack when he wears the whole set.

The dying process changes the color of the paint on Link’s armor and body. If you choose the red dye, it will look like Link painted himself with the blood of his enemies. With this set, you have a lot of good options, and almost every color works.

The Miner Set

Given how useful the full Miner Set can be, it makes sense to go to the Kochi Dye Shop and change the color of the rather boring armor. In the scary Depths, you’ll probably wear the armor a lot. So it’s worth it to make sure it looks as good as possible.

When you add a new color to the set, you’ll find that the armor has a lot more character than you thought. It might not seem like it would work with bright colors at first. But this is another set that can look great with any color, not just your best.

The Ember Set

This is another set of royal clothes that lets you change Link’s hair color. The dye doesn’t totally change the look of the set, which is a much fuller outfit. But it does let you add your own personal touch.

Don’t let how nice the base set looks stop you from trying different colors in Slope Game. There are a lot of great ways to mix and match the colors in this set. If you want something that looks more like Ganondorf and is a bit darker, use red or black dye.

The Frostbite Set

You could use any color for this stylish set, but it really stands out when you stick to cooler colors. The Frostbite Set looks best when you stick to blues and purples. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use other colors.

Like other elemental-based sets, this one lets you dye Link’s hair. So you can use the dyed top piece of this set with any other outfit to make Link look a little more like you.

The Mystic Set

This is possibly the best armor set you can dye in Zelda games. Even without any changes, the Mystic Set looks great. But almost every dye you can use makes the look even better.

It all depends on what you like, but no matter what dye you use. The hypnotic patterns of the armor will stand out. If all you care about in Tears of the Kingdom is Link’s style, this is the set of armor you should look for with all those Bubbul Gems.

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