A List of Ornamental Native Plants to Buy from an Australian Nursery

Australia is home to a remarkable array of native plants that add beauty and uniqueness to any garden. Embracing native flora in landscaping celebrates the country’s natural heritage and benefits local ecosystems and wildlife. If you’re considering adding some native charm to your garden, look no further than your local Australian nursery. This blog post will introduce you to a diverse selection of ornamental native plants readily available for purchase at any Australian nursery. From vibrant wildflowers to stunning shrubs, these plants will elevate your garden’s aesthetic while supporting the environment.

Native Australian Plants to Grow At Your Home Garden

Kangaroo Paw

With its striking and unusual tubular flowers, the Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos spp.) is an iconic Australian native plant. Available in various colours, including vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges, this perennial beauty blooms throughout the year, attracting native birds with its nectar-rich blossoms. Easy to grow and low-maintenance, the Kangaroo Paw is an ideal addition to any garden or landscape.


Grevilleas are a diverse group of native plants, ranging from ground covers to shrubs and trees. Known for their striking flowers and feathery foliage, these evergreen plants thrive in a wide range of climatic conditions. With their rich nectar content, Grevilleas attract birds and bees, making them an eco-friendly choice. Choose from a variety of cultivars, such as the Spider Flower (Grevillea buxifolia) or the Robyn Gordon Grevillea (Grevillea ‘Robyn Gordon’), to add a burst of colour to your garden.


Banksias are a beloved genus of native Australian plants revered for their unique and eye-catching flower spikes. Ranging in size from small shrubs to towering trees, these hardy plants are drought-tolerant and well-suited to various soil types. The Banksia integrifolia, commonly known as Coast Banksia, is a popular choice for coastal gardens, while the Banksia serrata, or Old Man Banksia, adds a touch of elegance to any landscape with its silver-grey foliage.


The Bottlebrush (Callistemon spp.) gets its name from the vibrant cylindrical flowers that resemble traditional bottle brushes. This hardy and drought-resistant shrub attracts nectar-feeding birds, making it a delightful addition to bird-friendly gardens. With a range of cultivars available, including the crimson Callistemon citrinus and the lemon-coloured Callistemon pallidus, you can find the perfect bottlebrush to complement your garden’s colour scheme.


The Waratah (Telopea speciosissima) is an iconic Australian native flower cherished for its large, vibrant red blossoms. As the New South Wales state emblem, this stunning plant symbolises the beauty of the Australian bush. Though somewhat challenging to grow, its spectacular display is well worth the effort. If you’re up for the challenge, the Waratah will undoubtedly become the centrepiece of your native garden.

Flannel Flower

The Flannel Flower (Actinotus helianthi) is a delicate and ethereal beauty that adds a touch of elegance to any garden. This low-growing perennial features soft, silvery-green foliage and white, daisy-like flowers with a flannel-like texture. Indigenous to coastal regions, the Flannel Flower thrives in sandy soils and sunny positions. Its charming appearance and subtle fragrance make it a favourite choice for garden borders or native wildflower gardens.


Hailing from the Proteaceae family, the Waxflower (Chamelaucium uncinatum) is an enchanting shrub known for its waxy, star-shaped flowers. The delicate blooms come in various colours, from pinks and purples to whites, often with contrasting centres. In addition to their beauty, Waxflowers boasts a delightful fragrance, making them perfect for floral arrangements and potpourri. Plant these native gems in well-draining soil and enjoy their year-round blooms.

The Bottom Line

Bringing the beauty of native plants to your garden is a rewarding and eco-friendly way to enhance your outdoor space. Whether you buy the vibrant Kangaroo Paw or the elegant Flannel Flower, an Australian nursery offers an impressive selection of ornamental native plants. By choosing native species, you support local biodiversity and create a sustainable and breathtaking garden for all to enjoy.

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