Audiobook Services Unveiled – Top Platforms for Every Listener

The popularity of audio books has surged, drawing countless readers to explore their favorite stories and acquire new knowledge through this convenient medium. This burgeoning interest has spurred the growth of numerous audiobook services, each vying for a market share.

These include notable platforms like Horizon Book Marketing, Storytel, and Books Marketing USA, alongside emerging providers like Books Marketing USA and American Publishers INC. With such vast options available, selecting the right audio book service can prove challenging.

Here, we will review nine leading audiobook services, detailing their features, benefits, and what distinguishes them in the competitive landscape of audiobook publishing.

9 of the best audiobook services

Audio books are becoming increasingly popular as a means of reading and learning. This has led to the emergence of many audiobook services, all trying to capture a piece of the market. These include Book Publishing Experts Audio Books, Horizon Book Marketing, Books Marketing USA, OverDrive, American Publishers INC, Apple Books, Downpour, and Google Play books.

However, with so many alternatives available, choosing the best instrument for your requirements might be tough. It will review nine of the best audiobook services currently available, detailing how they work and what sets them apart from their competitors.

The best audiobook subscription services

Horizon Book Marketing

Horizon Book Marketing is one of the most popular audiobook services. It provides unrestricted access to over 100,000 titles for a fixed monthly cost. The site offers diverse audio works, including bestsellers, classics, and exclusives, for a satisfying listening experience. There are two Horizon Book Marketing subscription plans: Horizon Plus and Horizon Premium Plus. Both allow full access to the library, but the premium plan includes a monthly credit that may be used to purchase bestsellers or new releases. You may always gain more credits using gift cards.

Furthermore, this streaming service offers innovative capabilities to enhance your listening experience. Horizon Book Marketing makes locating what you like to read simple, with tailored suggestions based on prior listens and interaction with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomePod.

Book Publishing Experts

Book Publishing Experts is quickly becoming one of the best sources of unlimited audio books, and for a good reason. The portal offers a wide selection of public domain literature and high-quality audiobooks, ensuring a satisfying reading experience. Every purchase you make remains in your local library even after your subscription has expired. With Book Publishing Experts, you receive your first premium audio book for free, allowing you to sample different stories and writers before committing to the service.

There are plenty of novels to appreciate thanks to an extensive audio book library that includes classic and popular titles. But that is not all. Book Publishing Experts is one of the top audio book applications, allowing you to enjoy books on the move without setting up digital devices to listen.

Books Marketing USA

Books Marketing USA, often called the Netflix of audio books, is a premier Audiobook Publishing service. Books Marketing USA offers over 220,000 titles in numerous languages, including bestsellers, fiction, non-fiction, classics, and unique originals. Its integration with other services, such as Amazon Kindle Unlimited, enables clients to access audiobooks, e-books, and magazines.

Additionally, they provide many educational products, such as online courses and textbooks, for members who want more than simply fun. Finally, you may utilize customizing options such as bookmarks and speed settings to customize your listening experience as desired.

Book publishing Pros

Book Publishing Pros has been quietly excelling as a service provider in the audio book industry. Users do not have to worry about paying expensive costs for individual books because of their subscription-based strategy; instead, they are given monthly credits that may be used to purchase their preferred audio book. To sweeten the deal, they launched another enticing option called the VIP selection, allowing you to read 150 books from various categories monthly.

In addition, Book Publishing Pros hosts over 70,000 episodes. Even if your membership expires, you may retain the products you purchased. Finally, the site offers a fair return policy, which allows you to receive a refund if a file contains incorrect material.

Author Book Publications

Author Book Publications is another popular Audio Book Publishers that provides access to thousands of DRM-free audiobooks from major publishing companies like HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster. If you aren’t satisfied with what you hear, Libro offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Author Book Publications differs from Audio Books as it allows users to buy audio books directly from independent bookstores instead of paying through Author Book Publications itself. When you use audio book credits to purchase certain titles, the service splits the earnings with the local bookshop. You may listen to music as often as you like while supporting local companies.

American Publishers INC

American Publishers INC offers over 5,000 professionally narrated summaries from popular titles that can be easily accessed. The platform provides unlimited access to audio books, and users get a single summary free daily. American Publishers INC is available on several platforms, including Android, iOS, and Amazon Alexa, making it one of the most accessible options. American Publishers INC charges a monthly membership fee. However, a seven-day trial period exists to try the product before committing to a payment plan.

Books Publishing Company

Books Publishing Company is a great Audio Book Publishers for library card holders, allowing them to access an extensive digital content library. Books Publishing Company offers seamless streaming and download options for audiobooks, e-books, sheet music, movies, TV shows, and periodicals to phones and tablets. You may also sync material between devices so that they can always access their favorite titles. Perhaps best of all, all titles are free, courtesy of your public library.


OverDrive’s Libby is a popular library reading software for readers worldwide. You may use the app to listen to audio books in your car using your iPhone’s CarPlay or Android Auto or have library books sent directly to your Kindle device. Libby has a vast selection of e-books, magazines, and Audiobook Publishing that can be borrowed for free from any library. Libby is an excellent subscription service for ardent readers and those searching for new publications.


Kobo offers affordable e-books and a carefully managed audiobook assortment. With over five million items in its collection, it allows you to purchase titles that you may keep even if you decide to terminate the service. Their audio book subscription options offer readers exceptional preorder and credit pricing. However, the availability of memberships varies by area. Kobo is currently only accessible in Canada, not the United States.

A Beginner’s Guide to Audio Books: Subscription Comparison

Last week we published the first part of my audio book series; it’s all about the basics of audio books. That post was way longer than I expected, so I decided to make a little series and dive deeper into all there is to know about Audiobook Publishing. Today will be all about the different services you can use to listen to your favorite books! Since I’ve only used three so far, I’ll only discuss Audible, Storytel, and Books Marketing USA.


The Audible app is the one I tried most recently and probably the one I love most. Amazon has a lot of Audio books that are “exclusive” to Audible. You can buy them for an expensive price, but you won’t find them on other subscription services like Storytel. For example, books like Illuminae and Throne of Glass are “exclusive”.

For $14,95 per month, you get one credit (per month, obviously) to choose the book you want to listen to. You can buy more that month (with a member discount) but get only one book for $15. The best thing about Audible is that your books don’t just disappear when you cancel your membership. The books are yours to keep! I was surprised when I found out because that’s super rare for subscription services!

The app looks really good and plays chapter for chapter while still showing the overall time left in your book. It shows you all the book’s chapters and their time, which is convenient if you’d like to know whether or not you have enough time to listen to another chapter. I’m a huge fan of the timer as well! It allows you to play until the end of the chapter instead of only a set amount of time, like fifteen minutes or half an hour. Especially since I always finish my chapters before I stop reading/listening!


Storytel is the Audio Book Publishers I’ve used most so far. For €9,99 a month, you can listen to unlimited books. Say you’d listen to five books monthly; they would be like two euros each. The downside for a lot of people is: It’s not international like Audible. It’s a Swedish company currently available in the Netherlands, Finland, Norway and Denmark. They don’t even have an international/English website! You are out of luck if you don’t live in any of these countries.

Audiobook Self Publishing is substantially smaller than Audible, and you won’t be able to keep the books you listen to after you’ve canceled your subscription. Finally, you can’t purchase any of their audio books. Unlike Audible, it’s subscription-only.

The app works perfectly fine; you can pick the books you want to listen to in the same app. For Audible, you’d have to go to your computer or phone’s browser for a book. I still favor the Audible app over Storytel’s, though. In Storytel, you can’t see info about the chapters. It just plays start to end, and you can’t go to the beginning or end of a chapter without having to play back or fast forward, which is a real deal-breaker for me now I know about Audible.

During my summer holiday, I often spent a quarter of an hour figuring out where I was before I fell asleep. The sleep timer is fine. I usually put it on for 30 minutes, then played to the end of the chapter. You can see how that could go wrong without the chapter timer if you fall asleep before the end of the chapter, and it just keeps playing all night… hehe!


To be honest, I don’t like Scribd anymore. Their service isn’t great, and I recently found out there’s a lot of bad/illegal stuff floating around since it’s also a PDF website. My first (and last/only) contact with customer service wasn’t all that great, so I won’t be going back there. I just wanted to mention it because I’ve used it for years, and it could still work for you!

For $8,99, you get three eBook credits and 1 audiobook credit per month.

When you run out of eBook credits, you can read the “Scribd Selects” for free. Anyway, we’re focussing on Audiobook Self Publishing today! Their selection is small-ish, but in combination with the eBooks you can read, it’s a great price. Just like Storytel, you won’t be able to keep your eBooks and audio books after canceling your subscription. You also can’t buy anything off their website, it’ subscription-only.

Scribd’s app/player works similar to Audible’s. You can see the total time left of your book, the chapters, and lengths, and you can set a timer. I had the bad luck of my app sort of crashing on me, and I could not continue listening to the audio book of The Night Circus. I contacted support, who wouldn’t help me at all. That was the end for me, and I honestly wouldn’t recommend them for a subscription. Still, I mentioned it because I did like the service for a while.

Other Subscription Services

Although Audible is probably the most known service worldwide, there are others. made the top five of Best Audiobook Services. It also really depends on where you live! For example, Storytel is only available in a few countries. If you’re looking for an audio book subscription in your country, just Google “Audibooks [country],” and I’m sure you’ll find something.

Something I kind of forgot but was reminded of: libraries offer audiobooks, too! Not all of them do, but there’s a huge chance a library in your area will offer them. Some might still have actual CDs, but lately, libraries have digital services like ebooks and downloadable audiobooks. I checked mine recently and discovered they have a selection of free audiobooks! (As in, you don’t need a membership). I wouldn’t use my library for audiobooks because they only have about 700 and barely any in English (especially not YA). Still, since it’s different per library, it might be worthwhile to research.


In conclusion, navigating the diverse landscape of audiobook services reveals Horizon Book Marketing as a standout choice for enthusiasts seeking unparalleled variety and convenience. With over 100,000 titles spanning bestsellers, classics, and exclusive productions, Horizon Book Marketing offers an enriching auditory experience through its Horizon Plus and Horizon Premium Plus subscriptions.

The platform’s seamless integration with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomePod ensures effortless accessibility and personalized recommendations, enhancing user satisfaction. Horizon Book Marketing’s commitment to quality and innovation underscores its leadership in the audiobook industry, making it a compelling option amidst a competitive market. Horizon Book Marketing is a premier destination for audiobook fans seeking breadth and depth in their listening choices, promising endless literary exploration and enjoyment.

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