Famous attractions in Frankfurt that one can’t miss

Frankfurt is much more than just the airport and the financial centre. You may enjoy Frankfurt’s rich history at our top tourist destinations, but there are also several fascinating insights and unexpected moments around every corner.

Frankfurt’s most visited sites include the Goethe House, the cathedral, the old town with its half-timbered homes, and the museum embankment.

The city makes everyone go crazy with its magnificent tourist attractions and evocative buildings. The location’s ability to maintain the majority of its imperial attractions makes it one of the most remarkable features of the area and makes it an easy fit for travellers with wanderlust from all over the world. Tall buildings dominate the city skyline, but there are a few additional attractions in Frankfurt that have drawn tourists from all over the world.

Top Attractions In Frankfurt, Germany

The city, which is dispersed along the banks of the Main River, has long been popular with tourists because of its amazing locations! With so many stunning locations to choose from, we have carefully curated a selection of the top attractions in Frankfurt which you can visit along with your friends from your Student Accommodation Frankfurt.


Places with names like Romerberg and Frankfurt indeed go hand in hand. A collection of asymmetrically shaped buildings in the centre of the city square exudes beauty. One of the city’s notable locations is the square, which is constantly bustling with foot traffic. The open-fronted stores, which retain their old-world elegance, are one of the significant features that have not changed. If you miss to visit this place, then your trip to Frankfurt is incomplete! It is among the best attractions in Frankfurt, Germany.

Frankfurt’s Old Town Centre

The Old Town Centre of Frankfurt should be on the top place on your must-see list if you’re planning a trip there. This is one of the most well-liked tourist and local locations, with several iconic buildings located here. A peek of this lovely city’s past will be available to you in the form of the new quarter’s breathtaking architecture.

Museum Städel

One of Frankfurt’s top museums, the Stadel Museum houses artwork and paintings from renowned 14th-century artists, including Goya, Vermeer, Bacon, Rembrandt, Baselitz, and more. This institution is a must-visit if you’re an art fan and want to learn more about the rich history of this city.


Situated on the south bank of the River Main, Museumsufer is yet another popular destination in the city. There is a stretch of some of the best, internationally renowned museums in the region. You can take a historical trip to the Renaissance, Baroque, and Mediaeval eras by visiting the museums. The location’s ability to come alive on Saturdays when the biggest flea market takes place is another draw. This is regarded as one of Frankfurt’s top wintertime attractions.

Main Tower

Frankfurt boasts a large number of tall structures overlooking the streets. Only the Main Tower gives visitors a complete panoramic perspective of the city. The Main River, which flows through the heart of the city, inspired the building’s name. The 650-story edifice that distinctly slices through the skyline can be reached by elevator. Savour a substantial lunch and a cocktail to go with this breathtaking vista. It is regarded as one of the most incredible sites to see in Frankfurt in a single day and is a sight to behold.

Frankfurt Cathedral

This is an interesting destination to visit if you want to learn about Frankfurt’s past. This is Frankfurt’s largest religious structure, so if you’re looking for family-friendly activities, this might be a nice choice. By ascending to the tower, you may not only learn about the history but also take in breathtaking views of the city.


One of the most well-known tourist destinations in Frankfurt, the Kleinmarkthalle is home to about 156 local markets. They offer the greatest pastries and international cuisine. If you have a passion for food, you just must visit this location. This establishment has something for everyone, from wine and bakery time to meats and cheese.

Goethe House

The well-known author Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe was born at the Goethe House in Frankfurt and lived till 1765. Everything in the house has been meticulously put together after it was heavily bombed during World War II and rebuilt. Beautiful décor can be found throughout the first floor, from the writing area to the dining room. An absolute must-see for all fans of literature!

Palm Garden

The Palm Garden, spanning 54 hectares, is one of the city’s major botanical gardens. Ever since its debut in 1871, it has been a popular destination for both locals and visitors. The primary features of this remarkable destination are its botanical exhibitions, which are arranged following the geological location. A variety of greenhouses housing tropical and subtropical plant species can also be found inside the garden. Among the top attractions in Frankfurt.

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