FlexSleeve® for Thin Linings

FlexSleeve® for thin linings stands as a revolutionary advancement, surpassing the limitations of traditional stiff and heavy internal sleeves that have dominated the market for years. 

FlexSleeve® internal sleeve innovation represents the simplest and most effective method for safeguarding the interior of welded pipe joints from corrosion. 

So, let’s delve into FlexSleeve® for thin linings by LPS. A groundbreaking solution designed to redefine the way we approach thin-lining challenges.

FlexSleeve® for Thin Linings 

FlexSleeve®, the latest internal sleeve innovation from LPS, stands out as a testament to cutting-edge engineering and a commitment to addressing industry-specific needs. Unlike traditional rigid and heavy sleeves, FlexSleeve® is a lightweight and flexible alternative that simplifies pipeline construction. 

Its installation is effortless, and it provides a permanent and reliable shield against corrosion. With FlexSleeve®, you can be confident that your pipes are protected and your pipeline project will be a success.

What Sets FlexSleeve® Apart?

Here are six key features that set FlexSleeve® apart from traditional alternatives:

1. Flexibility

FlexSleeve® for thin linings takes flexibility to the next level with its thin-gauge body. Unlike rigid counterparts, it effortlessly adjusts to the pipe’s shape during installation. 

Ensuring easy insertion and maintaining a consistent seal quality. This adaptability simplifies the installation process and enhances overall efficiency.

2. Sealing

The secret behind FlexSleeve®’s sealing prowess lies in its patent-pending Bore Seals. These innovative seals adapt dynamically to pipe ID tolerances, creating an effective barrier. 

The barrier seals off the weld zone from liquids, regardless of pipeline pressure. This ensures a reliable and strong protection mechanism against corrosion.

3. Material

Crafted from a high-strength polymer material, FlexSleeve® stands resilient against corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attacks. Its lightweight nature and flexibility make it the ideal choice for pipeline construction. 

The FlexSleeve® for thin linings fits into welded pipe joints, ensuring a protective barrier that prevents liquids from compromising the weld zone.

4. Weld Quality

The inherent flexibility of FlexSleeve® for thin linings translates into superior weld quality. By facilitating a better fit and a smoother root pass, FlexSleeve® ensures a more consistent weld quality throughout the joint. 

This feature is crucial in maintaining the structural integrity of welded pipe joints and preventing corrosion-related vulnerabilities.

5. Heat Resistance

With a wider sleeve and thicker insulation, FlexSleeve® is engineered for optimal heat resistance during welding. This design minimizes the impact of heat on the sleeve. 

Ensuring that the welding process remains efficient without compromising the quality of the joint. This makes FlexSleeve® a reliable choice for high-temperature welding applications.

6. Large Diameters

FlexSleeve® doesn’t discriminate based on pipe diameter. Instead, its design allows it to accommodate out-of-round pipes, providing a versatile solution for a wide range of pipe diameters.

This adaptability makes FlexSleeve® a go-to choice for pipeline projects with diverse size requirements.

7. Automatic Welding Compatibility

FlexSleeve® seamlessly integrates with internal lineup clamps and automatic welding systems. This compatibility streamlines the welding process, enhancing efficiency and precision. 

The automated welding process, coupled with FlexSleeve®’s design, ensures a seamless and consistently high-quality fusion between the sleeve and the pipe.

The Installation Process 

The installation process for FlexSleeve® is simple. Initially, the sleeve is inserted into the pipe joint, and subsequently, it is secured in place using a reliable locking mechanism.

Upon completion of the installation, FlexSleeve® serves as a permanent solution for safeguarding the interior of the welded pipe joint from corrosion.

Now, let’s delve into the step-by-step automatic welding process with FlexSleeve®:

1. Pipe End Preparation

Meticulous cleaning ensures an optimal surface for FlexSleeve® adhesion. Subsequently, this crucial step sets the foundation for a durable and reliable bond, effectively preventing corrosion vulnerabilities. In essence, quality preparation guarantees the longevity of the welded joint.

2. Induction Heating

Induction heating enhances FlexSleeve® flexibility for effective pipe conformity. This process not only optimizes sleeve pliability but also contributes to a smoother application, reducing the likelihood of imperfections. The result is a well-adapted, secure seal that stands up to pipeline pressures.

3. Specialized Internal Lineup Clamp

A tailored clamp shapes FlexSleeve® for thin lining, ensuring a seamless fit to pipe contours. The precision of the lineup clamp not only guarantees a perfect match but also streamlines the installation process. Also, it saves valuable time on pipeline construction projects. This attention to detail is key to achieving consistent, high-quality results.

4. Qapqa Automatic Welding System

The precision welding system seamlessly fuses FlexSleeve® for thin linings to the pipe, meeting high standards. The Qapqa system not only ensures a flawless girth weld but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the welding process. Its automated precision results in a consistently strong bond, crucial for the durability of the pipeline.

5. Fast Welding with Consistent Joint Quality

The automated process ensures speedy completion without compromising joint quality. Additionally, this efficiency is complemented by a commitment to unwavering joint standards. This commitment ensures that speed does not compromise the structural integrity of the welded joint.

Fast yet reliable, the FlexSleeve® welding process offers a perfect balance for pipeline construction.

FlexSleeve® Hydrostatic Pressure Tests

By harnessing the power of pipeline pressure, FlexSleeves effectively create a watertight seal in the weld area using their innovative bore seals. Furthermore, these patent-pending seals have proven their reliability by consistently passing hydrostatic pressure tests of up to 4,437 psi (306 bar).

Remarkably, these tests are conducted with holes through the pipe or even without any weld, attesting to the unparalleled reliability of FlexSleeve®.

Proven Effectiveness

FlexSleeve® isn’t just a concept; rather, it’s a proven solution for protecting the interior of welded pipe joints from corrosion. Moreover, it is cost-effective and reliable, making it the go-to choice for various pipeline applications.

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In conclusion, FlexSleeve® has redefined the landscape of welded pipe joint protection. Its innovative features and seamless integration into the welding process make it a standout choice for industries seeking efficiency, reliability, and uncompromised protection against corrosion. Embrace the future of welded pipe joint protection with FlexSleeve® – where flexibility, sealing, and unmatched quality converge for optimal performance.

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