Hair Coloring Tips for Thick Hair: Hair Stylist

Hey there! Ready to switch up your hair color? If you have got thick hair you know the struggle is real when it comes to getting that perfect shade. Unlike thinner locks, thick hair demands extra attention, expertise and techniques to truly pop with color. But don’t worry; with the right tips from a professional hair stylist in Pomona California, you are set to dazzle. Whether you are seeking a bold new look or subtle highlights your hair stylist will help you achieve the best results. Let’s dive into the best hair coloring tips tailored just for your lush, thick tresses!

Choosing the Right Color With A Hair Stylist

When you have thick hair, choosing the right color can make or break your look. A pro tip from seasoned hair stylists: opt for colors that add depth and dimension. Multi-tonal highlights or lowlights can work wonders preventing your hair from looking too bulky or overwhelming.

According to a study published by the International Journal of Trichology, thick hair strands often have lower porosity, which can make them 20% more resistant to color absorption compared to finer hair. This explains why those with thicker hair may experience less predictable dye results and need more frequent touch-ups.

Pre-Color Prep is a Must

Before you even think about applying dye, let’s talk prep. Thick hair is often more resistant to color than finer types. To guarantee that your hair is primed and prepared to absorb the new color evenly, a professional hair stylist would suggest a deep conditioning treatment a few days before coloring.

This step is a game-changer! Proper preparation can drastically improve the absorption and vibrancy of your chosen color. For the best results, consider getting a hair cut in Pomona CA, to trim any damaged ends before you start the coloring process.

Techniques That Work Best for Thick Hair

Not all coloring techniques are created equal, especially for thick hair. Balayage, where color is hand-painted, can create a stunning, natural-looking effect on thicker manes. It’s all about customization. Your hair stylist can visually assess how the color should lie making sure it complements your hair’s density and texture perfectly. This individualized process guarantees that the finished product will be as distinctive and lovely as you are.

The Role of the Right Hair Stylist

Finding a hair stylist who understands thick hair is crucial. They should know how to section your hair properly, ensuring that each strand gets its moment in the sun—literally. Their expertise can make the difference between flat, uneven color and radiant, lively locks.

Don’t settle for less! A good stylist will use techniques that enhance your hair’s natural beauty. They’ll give you a look that feels personalized and perfect just for you. Pair this with a regular hair cut in Pomona CA, to maintain the style and health of your hair.

Maintaining Your Color at Home

Once you’ve achieved your dream color, maintenance is key. Thick hair can be particularly thirsty, absorbing more color and often fading unevenly. Invest in a salon-quality, color-safe shampoo and conditioner, and consider a color-enhancing mask once a week to keep your hue as vibrant as day one. Using these items regularly can help keep the color vibrant and stop it from fading easily.

Timing Your Touch-Ups Right

With thick hair, touch-ups are inevitable, but timing them right is an art. Generally, you’ll want to revisit your hair stylist in Pomona California, every six to eight weeks. This interval helps manage roots without over-processing the rest of your hair, which could lead to damage and color overload. Maintaining a routine makes it easier to keep your hair healthy and your color consistent.

Dealing with Post-Color Dryness

It’s not uncommon for thick hair to feel a bit drier after coloring. To combat this, integrate hydrating products into your routine. Oils and leave-in conditioners can be your best friends, locking in moisture and keeping your thick, colored hair looking glossy and healthy. Your hair will receive nourishment from these products, regaining its original softness and gloss.

Embracing the Texture

Coloring can sometimes alter your hair’s texture, especially with thick hair. Embrace it! Sometimes, those fresh turns or waves are just another opportunity to display your distinct sense of style. Ask your hair cut services in Pomona CA, for tips on how to style your newly colored, textured hair to its best advantage. Moreover, enjoy the new vibes your hair brings. It’s a fresh way to express yourself!

The Magic of Regular Trims

Believe it or not, regular trims go hand in hand with maintaining great color on thick hair. Even the slightest trim can refresh your ends and keep your overall color looking fresher and more even. Maintaining the health and appearance of your thick hair is crucial. Frequent trims from hair cut services in Pomona CA, also help avoid split ends and maintain the tidy, colorful appearance of your hair.

The Final Flourish: Protect Your Hair

Lastly, protecting your thick, colored hair from environmental stressors like the sun and pollution is crucial. Use products with UV protection and try to cover up or use protective styles on super sunny days. Your thick hair will thank you, staying radiant and beautiful for longer! Additionally, taking extra care of your hair will help preserve the health and longevity of your color.


With these tips, your next visit to the hair stylist will be a breeze. Armed with knowledge and a bit of prep, you’re ready to rock that new color like the queen you are. Go ahead, let your thick, vibrant hair do the talking! At Worldwide Barbershop, we can address all your hair coloring needs with expertise and creativity. Our professional colorists are dedicated to finding the perfect hue to complement your look. We guarantee brilliant and long-lasting results whether you like delicate highlights or a strong new color.

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