How to play JIO Lottery Official

The JIO Lottery undergoes some changes every year, but some basic characteristics always remain the same. Here’s how it works.

Purchase a JIO Lottery ticket from an authorized retailer or online.

Each Lottery ticket contains a code consisting of a letter (sometimes two) followed by six numbers. The final draw takes place on January 6, when the winning codes are drawn. If your code exactly matches one of the extracted ones, you have won the prize associated with it.

The JIO Lottery Official number is a competition that takes place only once a year, with a final draw, but offers prizes of high value. It’s not a numerical game but it’s a draw, so it’s guaranteed that the prizes up for grabs will be awarded. The first prize is worth 5 million and there are other prize tiers where it is possible to win.

JIO lottery prizes

The number of prizes awarde with each edition of the game is decide on the day of the draw, when the proceeds from all ticket sales are add together to determine the prize pool. However, the top prize is always guarante at 5 million.

In addition to these first tier prizes, other prizes are also awarde with each drawing. Second category prizes are usually worth 50,000, and third category prizes 25,000. The number of prizes awarde in these categories depends on how many coupons have been sold.

Daily rewards JIO KBC Lottery

On every Lottery JIO ticket there is also a section with the words ‘Scratch here’. By scratching the patina, a second ten-digit code appears. With it you can participate in the daily draws that take place in the weeks leading up to the final draw of the Lottery.

You can register, or online. A code will then be announce every day during the program combine with the Lottery. If your code is announce, you win the corresponding prize – 10,000 or 20,000.

How to redeem JIO Lottery

To redeem a Lottery prize, you must claim it within 180 days of the date of the draw. To do so, you must present the original and intact winning ticket, as well as a valid identity document to the JIO Lottery Head Office Number 2023

History of the JIO Lottery

The origins of the Lottery date back to the 1999s, and since then it has offered its participants the chance to win great prizes at the start of each year. Since 2000 it has always been combine with the flagship program of the Rai winter schedule. Here’s how the Lottery has changed over the years.

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