Instagram Checkout: How In-App Purchases Work

Among the many innovations on Instagram, buymalaysianfollowers, one of the principal investments made by the social network in recent years has been the insertion of the platform as an increasingly essential part of the journey to purchase a product, to the point that one day users will be able to complete this entire journey without even exit the app.

One of the most recent updates came with the launch of Instagram Checkout – still in the testing phase – another evolution of Instagram Shopping. This well-known application functionality allows stores to register a product catalogue in their business profile. The new feature will enable users to purchase directly from the social network without being directed to external e-commerce.

In this article, we’ll explain everything we already know about Instagram Checkout: how it works. The rules for using it, who already have access to the feature and its main advantages. 

What is Instagram Checkout, and how does it work?

Instagram Checkout is a step up from Instagram Shopping. In addition to tagging posted images with a price tag and making them clickable, with Checkout, business profiles can configure their Stores so that sales are made right there through the app without directing the user to other links. Thus, users spend less time completing a purchase – which can help sales.

Commercial profiles with access to the resource can tag their products in the images and provide the option to choose sizes, colours and quantities that the user wants to take, just as it would happen in e-commerce. Right there, the customer can decide to finalize their purchase and opt for payment methods, which include credit card and PayPal. After completing the payment, the deadline and delivery information are available on the social network.

Who can already use Checkout?

The feature is still in the testing phase and is only available in the United States for commercial profiles of stores based in the country. Big names like Adidas, Burberry, H&M, MAC Cosmetics, Revolve and Zara are among the brands they already use. 

To use Checkout, you must already have a functioning e-commerce, and the entrepreneur or his development team must ensure it is compatible with Instagram. Thus, the tool can extract the necessary database and integrate the shopping cart into your app. For example, platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce already allow for this integration.

In addition, among other specifications, Instagram cites that the business profile must show credibility to be able to register at Checkout, which includes “an authentic and established presence” and “may also include maintaining a sufficient base of followers”, according to the Commerce Eligibility Requirements available at this link in the social network’s Help Center.

Is there any fee? 

In the US, where the feature is already working, the fee Instagram charges on sales has been 5% for transactions above US$ 8. The charge remains at the fixed price of US$ 0 40 for sales below this amount.

Main advantages of selling through Instagram

The main advantage for entrepreneurs who use Instagram Checkout is to shorten the customer’s purchase journey and close a sale right there through the app, which shortens the user’s journey, which no longer needs to be directed to another link.

For customers, the tool optimizes the shopping experience. It makes everything more practical and comfortable without opening links or going through the entire site to find that product they saw on Instagram.

In both cases, the ease of already having your email, address and card securely registered on the platform for purchases at any store eliminates this process stage when finalizing the acquisition, making everything faster and less expensive. Susceptible to dropouts.

Instagram as a marketplace

Among our trend predictions for 2021 on the social network, we have already discussed the possibility of Instagram becoming a marketplace very soon, given the constant updates and launches aimed at commerce and the needs of entrepreneurs and consumers.

After openly confronting Snapchat, TikTok and, more discreetly, YouTube, who knows the next giant that Mark Zuckerberg will try to face is not the big multinational e-commerce?


Instagram Checkout has revolutionized how users engage with businesses and purchase on the platform. By integrating a seamless and convenient in-app purchasing experience, Instagram has created a streamlined process for users to discover products, view details, and complete transactions without leaving the app. 

This feature has proven beneficial for businesses. Providing them a direct sales channel and increasing their reach and visibility among Instagram’s vast user base. With secure payment processing and buyer protection measures. Instagram Checkout offers a safe and trustworthy environment for users to purchase confidently. 

Overall, Instagram Checkout has enhanced the e-commerce landscape by bridging the gap between discovery and investment. Making it easier than ever for users to support their favourite brands and businesses.


How does Instagram Checkout work?

Instagram Checkout allows users to make purchases directly within the Instagram app. When a business enables Checkout, users can tap on a product they are interested in, view additional details such as size or colour options, select their preferences, and proceed to purchase without leaving the app. Payment and shipping information can be securely saved for future transactions, streamlining the buying process.

What are the benefits of using Instagram Checkout?

Instagram Checkout offers several benefits for both users and businesses. Users can enjoy a seamless shopping experience without switching between multiple apps or websites. They can discover products, view details, and complete transactions within the familiar Instagram environment. For businesses, Checkout provides a direct sales channel, increased visibility. Access to Instagram’s large user base, facilitating growth and enhancing customer engagement.

Is Instagram Checkout safe?

Yes, Instagram Checkout is designed to prioritize user safety and data security. Users’ payment information is encrypted and securely stored when making a purchase. Additionally, Instagram provides buyer protection measures to safeguard against fraud and ensure a safe shopping experience for users.

Can I return items purchased through Instagram Checkout?

Individual businesses determine returns and refund policies for purchases made through Instagram Checkout. Users should review the seller’s return policy before purchasing to understand the options available if they need to return or exchange an item.

Can I use Instagram Checkout for all products on the platform?

Not all products on Instagram will have the Checkout feature enabled. It is up to individual businesses to enable Checkout for their products. However, the quality is becoming increasingly popular, and more companies will likely adopt it.

Can I use Instagram Checkout in my country?

Instagram Checkout availability varies by country. Initially, the feature was only available in the United States, but Instagram has expanded its availability to other countries. Users should check Instagram’s official website or app documentation to see if Checkout is available in their country.

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