Integrating Social Media with Your CRM Software for Improved Customer Engagement

Social media and ease of access to technology have evolved customer expectations over the past years. Customers press importance on contacting your business more conveniently. 

As social media has established its growing popularity, they look forward to using it to get answers from you. Therefore, integrating social media into a CRM is a must for your business’s success and enhanced customer experience. 

Let’s learn how social media CRM positively impacts your business:

What is Social Media CRM? 

A customer relationship management solution keeps track of every communication between your business and your customers. The communication source can be email, telephone, and/or  live chat. However, with social media CRM, you can get one step ahead of it. 

With social media integration to your chosen CRM, you enable your CRM to tie all channels of your social media on a single thread. No matter through which social media channels your customer is interacting with you, you have all the details of the communication on a single platform. 

For example: if a customer sends you a DM via your Facebook business page, the details of the conversation will be in the CRM system. 

Does Your Business Need Social Media? 

More than 4.76 billion active users spend their time on social media, exploring, sharing and talking about their topics of interest. Social media platforms enable consumers to fund their favorite brands and connect with them. So, being on social media is an opportunity that brands should not ignore if they want loyal customers. 

Goals You Can Achieve Integrating Social Media To CRM 

When you want your business model to be efficient, connecting all of your social media to a CRM system is the best decision. Here are some goals your business achieve with social media CRM integration

  1. Offer Better Customer Support 

With a social media CRM, you get all customer interaction data in one place. As you use CRM, your teams can reach out to customers through any mode of social media presence. Customers don’t have to repeat their past interactions about any issue as the CRM already stores entire conversations chronologically. 

  1. In-depth Understanding of Your Customers

Your CRM solution along with social media integration provide rich data of your customers. The integrated CRM system lets you know about their opinions about your brand and your competitors, personality traits and buying habits. Your sales and marketing team can leverage the data to create detailed buyers’ personas.

  1. Publish Relevant Content

You don’t want to publish irrelevant content to your social media channels. As you get in-depth data about your customers, create engaging and relevant content pieces for the targeted audience. Push the information through the right channels for better traction. 

  1. Build Trust In Your Brand

As you integrate your CRM with social media, it improves your engagement with your customers. For customers, brands that are authentic with their interactions are valuable and trustworthy. When you provide quick replies and have conversations- it reveals human-side of your business.

Best Ways To Use CRM With Social Media Integration 

Social media CRM allows you to use the system more proficiently enabling your business to present the best customer experience, and earn trust and appreciation of the customers. Here are few ways to use the CRM with social media integration: 

Measure Main Social Media Metrics 

Social media metrics deliberately enhance your customer support, sales and marketing performance. 

Here are key social media metrics to analyze: 

  • ROI: Your invested amount through campaigns on social media vs. the profit you have made.
  • Conversion rate: How many visits, click-throughs and sales have happened through social media. 
  • Engagement rate: Total count of likes, shares, comments, saves and reactions in comparison to number of followers. 
  • Audience demographics: Followers’ age, gender and location aggregation. 

Ensure Cohesive Brand Voice

When you have a social media presence, customers have more trust in your product or service- enabling positive relationships. However, you must maintain a cohesive brand voice in every platform as your customers connect through all these channels. Your emails, live chats and social profiles need to have a consistent tone and personality. 

Allow Social Listening

Before making any purchases customers like to interact with you through comments or direct messages. It is possible through social media posts and they prefer to share their experience with your service on these platforms. They don’t have to involve you directly. 

With social media integration into your CRM, you enable social listening. Customers can track social media platforms and mention brand names or tag them during conversations. It allows your business to track the conversations around your industry and analyze all the insights and trends. So, you are better informed about what decisions to take about your product, services and organization. You learn about people’s opinions about your brand in-depth. 

How Does Social Media Affect CRM’s Success? 

When you integrate your business’s social media channels to your CRM system, it tracks all the communication through those platforms- like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. It works the same as traditional channels like phone calls and email to help you to provide better customer support. Also, your marketing and sales teams understand your customers better and create the right customer persona- leading to offering quicker, and more efficient service. 

What Benefits Does A CRM Reap With Social Media Tools? 

Integration of social media in your CRM system enhances your relationship with existing and new customers. With the integration, communications among all the social media channels gets updated in real-time. In-return your sales and marketing team can gain a clear idea about the audience in a certain platform. It enables them to create posts that can perform well. 

Leverage Social Media CRM To Elevate Customer Relationships 

Customers appreciate quick and friendly service, but they also want you to provide a great customer experience. When you integrate social media to your choice of CRM, it boosts your teams’ performance on managing and nurturing customer relationships. The entire experience becomes seamless as your teams have all communication data under one platform. 

Both the marketing and sales teams learn a lot from the rich data of all your customers, thanks to social media. It allows them to tweak their marketing campaigns according to their effectiveness. 

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