Linksys Smart WiFi Connection with Netgear Cable Modem

Linksys smart WiFi router devices can dispel internet dead zones in your house. You can easily make purchase Linksys smart WiFi router by online (Linksys official website) or offline (in stores nearby).

Here, you can get to read about the user guide to set the router up in your home. We will provide steps to connect the hardware of the router to the modem and how to access linksyssmartwifi login interface.

Linksys Smart WiFi Router to Netgear Modem connection

Linking Linksys smart WiFi router to the Netgear modem is pretty simple procedure. You just have to use the Ethernet cable; in down written steps you will learn how to use the cable.

Router to Modem Link

  • Put the router device close to the modem and find router WAN port and modem LAN port.
  • Take Ethernet cable and insert it to the ports that you have found.
  • Now, just supply power to the router by connecting its power cord to a wall socket.

The connection is not complete yet, you have to configure the Linksys device by accessing the interface, which you can do with the help of phone or computer.

Configure Linksys Smart WiFi Interface (Computer)

If you want to configure the Linksys system with the help of compute or laptop, then connect it with Linksys network via LAN cable.

Log in

  • Choose an updated web browser and search login URL or IP
  • The login page will appear where you have to enter the username and password.
  • User manual or label of the router will help you with the admin credentials.
  • Enter the credentials and reach to the Linksys web interface on your computer.

Adjust Settings and Network

  • The interface page will come on the screen, where you should follow instructions to setup.
  • The settings like frequency of the router, admin credentials of interface, and update to latest firmware are must.

Above are simple steps to reach the interface page using your computer and laptop. Now, you must learn how you can configure Linksys router system with the help of your phone.

Configure Linksys (Mobile Phone)

There are also easy instructions to manage the Linksys settings within your phone, but first you have to connect your phone with the router through SSID details.

Get Linksys App

  • If you have android Smartphone then open Play Store app or if you have Apple iPhone then open App Store app.
  • Here, just search the Linksys app, you will reach to the app download page, where you must tap on Install (android) or Get button (Apple).

Manage Settings

  • After installing the app in your device, open it, enter the credentials like username and password.
  • You will get to the interface dashboard in your mobile device; here you can easily access all the features and settings.

How to Update Linksys Smart WiFi Router?

There are easy and simple steps to upgrade your router through your computer using URL.

  1. The first step is log in to Linksys router interface using your computer or laptop.
  2. The second step is to open the Firmware tab, which you will find in Settings option.
  3. In here, you have to search the latest firmware version or find latest version and download it.
  4. To install the update, you must paste the downloaded file in to the Firmware tab and click on Install button.

Last Lines

Here, you have seen and learned about how to establish the Linksys smart WiFi router network with the help of the simple instructions. We have given simple steps to log in to the Linksys router interface through your computer and phone. Read More.

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