Renovation Services: 10 Dos And Don’ts Of Designing A Kitchen Island

Many people feel an island is an integral part of a new kitchen. But how can you make sure that yours is both beautiful and functional? Here are ten tips from kitchen design pros who offer the best renovation services in Montreal Quebec to help you get this critical part right.

Pick A Tough Countertop Material For The Best Renovation Services In Montreal Quebec

The tabletop should be made of a good, sturdy natural or engineered stone because kitchens are busy places where people often work and move around. It should also be scratch-proof and easy to clean after renovation services in Montreal Quebec. The same goes for the materials you use for your cabinets and floors. Wallis says that because features like sinks and taps are used often and must last, it is always best to choose high-quality ones.

Make Sure The Sizes Are Correct.

Ensuring the island is the right size lets you work quickly and easily in the area while keeping traffic moving. Here are some essential measurements for professional renovation services in Montreal Quebec, to follow:

  • There should be at least 39 inches of room around the island for people to move around.
  • The island should be 36 to 37 inches tall all the way around.
  • Most people agree that the island should be at least 36 inches wide and 47 inches long.
  • The thickness of the counter should be between 3/16 inch and 3 inches.
  • You’ll need 12 inches of room under the counter to put bar stools around the island.

Don’t Forget To Bring Plugs And Appliances

There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful piece of stone damaged by a poorly placed power outlet. There are the best renovation services in Montreal Quebec, sides on both sides of the island, not just the “kitchen” side.

Ensure that the appliances and power outlets are put in a way that doesn’t take away from the island’s look, is easy to get to, and makes all parts of the unit work well.

Think about what will be plugged in. It probably won’t just be a hand mixer. Phone chargers, computers, and other things will likely be there too. Adding a charging box for these things can be a good idea.

Think About What You’ll Do On The Island.

If you like to have people over or eat your daily meals at a breakfast bar, you might want an island with more overflow space and fewer storage or cabinets below.

Take a moment to think about renovation services in Montreal Quebec, and how you would use the bar daily and on special events. We’re honest with many clients who have families when we say that kids will often sit there and eat, do homework, talk to their parents, or use technology (sometimes all simultaneously).

Moreover, you might want to move the sitting area closer to the fridge and pantry. This is another way to track who comes and goes from the kitchen. Individuals are kept on the island’s outskirts for safety and to prevent kitchen overcrowding.

Many prefer lowering part of the island to table height at 29 inches rather than the standard 36-inch bench height. A large table on the island may hinder storage and appliance use in specific kitchens.

Do Mix The Things

Way too many kitchens have huge islands that look like a big lump in the middle and take up all the space in the room, even if they have a lot of table space. One way to break up the size of an island is to use different materials for the best renovation services in Montreal Quebec. But balance is essential—the design will look messy and busy if there are too many materials and features. When picking out materials and colors for your island, ensure they go with the colors in the rooms next to it.

Do Make The Island As Long As You Can Without A Seam.

Stone slabs come in different lengths. If your kitchen is big enough for one, about 118 inches by 36 inches, you’ll have the perfect-sized island for cooking and having people over.

For some brands and materials, the most extended length is 118 inches. So, it’s not nice to see seams on islands, so try to avoid them if you can. The island needs to be at least 36 inches wide so that you can put bar stools at the back so that your family and friends can eat or watch you cook.

Do Add Generous Drawers

If you want to make your kitchen more functional, put your tool drawer, bowls, and plates on the island. This makes it easy to get to the essentials you use an island for daily, like serving food. Another crucial practical feature is the trash can built into the island below your work area with the best renovation services in Montreal Quebec. So, this lets you scrape the food right into the trash. Facing them keeps your floor clean and lets you stay involved with family or friends while cleaning the kitchen.

Do Put Functionality First

Consider how you’ll use the room and choose professional renovation services in Montreal Quebec that will work with that. If this is going to be your main area for cooking, make sure the counters are clear, and knives and cutting boards are easy to get to. Also, make sure the sink and trash can are close by. If you don’t have enough room, think about other options. A peninsula unit might be a better choice if you have limited room. This type of unit has one short end that is against a wall.

Do Not Be Afraid To Take Risks

In conclusion, designing a kitchen island requires carefully considering aesthetics and functionality. Every decision impacts your daily life. Emphasize functionality, add storage and outlets, and be daring with design to make a statement. With Les Constructions 1Vie9, you can transform your kitchen island into the centerpiece of your culinary haven.

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