Screen Printing Custom T-Shirts – A Worthy Choice

When it comes to custom t-shirts, there hr connect kp are minimal decoration options to choose from like screen printing, DTG (direct-to-garment), and heat transfer, to name a few. Technological innovations have given consumers the facility to print single custom t-shirts and have changed the way production facilities operate. While there are situations where screen printing t-shirts won’t be the ideal option, most orders remain screen printed even today. In spite of a few limitations, it is still the gold standard for brands worldwide for the reasons enlisted in this blog.

If you’ve ever bought a t-shirt from a store, or gifted it to a friend, or represented a company, chances are your shirt was screen printed. The following are some grounds that you must consider screen printing on your next order.

Screen printing is cost-effective.

As a matter of volume, nothing beats screen printing costs. As one of the economical methods of printing t-shirts, especially in bulk, companies will choose this decoration format to cut costs. Brands opt to screen print to maintain sales margins that keep their business running. In the custom apparel industry, the capacity to configure high-volume runs on automatic printing presses means the savings are passed on to the consumer. With screen printing minimums of as little as 6 items, it’s reasonably easy to put this form of decoration to good use without wanting to order hundreds of t-shirts.

Screen printing is versatile.

Screen printing may be applied on a host of t-shirt fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blended fabrics. The demand for the comfort of cotton, with the fitting of rayon, is accountable for new fabric types that are worn these days. In the last 2 decades, tri-blends have become popular, merging cotton, polyester, and rayon. Due to the popularity of tri-blend manufacturing has become widespread. Tri-blends are accessible to all thanks to apparel manufacturers like Hanes, and Next Level, investing in the materials and research to assure quality and durability.

Screen-printed t-shirts are high-quality.

Screen printing produces sharp images on custom t-shirts that stay bright-colored and last longer. Many consumers need a color match to represent a brand’s logo, which calls for explicit attention to color outcomes. Ink color matching can be achieved with screen printing, however, is still a challenge with current digital printing technology. With Pantone Color Matching, it is easy to control the results of your screen print in great detail.

Screen-printed t-shirts are highly detailed.

The world took notice when digitally printed t-shirts supported full-color prints. However, screen print had been achieving the same effects for years prior with halftones. Halftones are screen printing methods applied to reproduce images with wide-ranging shades and tones, instead of just solid colors.

The Final Words

Since screen printing has become joinpd .com the gold standard for custom t-shirts, the process has become standardized and almost foolproof. Printing t-shirts with screen printing techniques means the t-shirts are high quality, long-lasting, highly detailed, and cost-effective. Moreover, many limitations of digital printing do not apply to screen printing.

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