Technology and E-Commerce in Canada: Understanding the Impact

From getting all information, learning new subjects or shopping for yourself or your family – the world is at our fingertips thanks to technology.

Everyone’s busy with their work, and they rarely get time to visit nearby stores to get the daily essentials. So, how do you overcome that problem? Well, that’s another solution technology has ready for us.

Presently, e-commerce is ruling the world, and most of us are dependent on online shopping to fulfil our needs.

Irrespective of the boom in e-commerce and global acceptance of such businesses, Canada is lagging behind. As of 2013, only 13% of Canada’s businesses were selling online. As a result, the country is yet to earn a good reputation when it comes to driving digital businesses.

Despite the disappointing figures in terms of digital penetration in businesses, it was projected that by 2019 10% of retail spending will be done online in Canada. So, how will that be possible?

Here’s a detailed analysis of the ways technology is helping boost Canadian e-commerce. Let’s get started.

Ways Technology is Shaping the Future for E-Commerce in Canada

Technology has always played a major role in shaping a country’s economy. E-commerce is one industry that has helped boost the economy of several nations. So, you need proper tech support when you want to shape up e-commerce. Here’s how Canada is doing it:

  • Technology-enabled shopping experience

Customer focus is a major part of businesses. Companies in Canada have used technology to help customers skip the long queues and get the desired products quicker. You would not like to wait in line when you are hungry. What if you get an app that reserves your table at your favorite restaurant? There are companies in Canada that have made these possible and are helping customers make the most out of technology.

E-commerce is all about making things easy for customers. Despite Canada’s disappointing online penetration, most customers use online mode for shopping, making way for a better tomorrow. Thanks to a few major companies rich with technical know-how and financial support, Canada is taking baby steps towards a boost in e-commerce.

  • Merchant infrastructure

E-commerce solutions in Canada are empowering merchants to set up online storefronts for better reachability. Companies like LemonStand and BlackSquare are helping merchants set up online storefronts for merchants at a much lower cost and lesser time. As well, there are companies that can track a customer’s journey and suggest the most suitable products to them. E-commerce is all about proper implementation of technology and can only see a boost when it understands customer behavior.

Canada has got the assistance of major companies that are helping offline stores create an online presence and reach out to more customers. Online Exam Help Customers also enjoy getting everything at the click of a button. So, it’s a win-win situation for both, and Canada will see a boost in e-commerce very soon.

  • Retail optimization and enhancement

E-commerce is all about understanding a consumer’s behavior, and companies must look for ways to implement technologies that can help consumers shop intelligently. For example, in Canada, a company called Aislelabs is known for helping retailers track and understand data according to in-store activity. There are many other companies that are working on innovative techniques to approach gifting and weekly flyer and couponing experience. In addition, companies like Sweet Tooth are helping retailers deliver a targeted loyalty experience to their customers.

  • Payment processing platforms

Ease of payment is a major concern when it comes to e-commerce. So, when a country is looking to boost e-commerce, there has to be input to improve payment processing. There are many companies that are looking for ways to streamline financial transactions. Canada is getting the right technical inputs and, with the help of companies like Tab Payments and Digital Retail Apps has been working on various ways to ease payments.

Canadian e-commerce is looking good with all the technical aspects coming into play. The country has the resources to get the right technical inputs and boost its e-commerce businesses. The technical inputs are already helping the country in boosting its e-commerce business. As mentioned earlier, customers are inclined to shop online to avoid long queues and get everything at the click of a button making e-commerce the top priority in the country.

To end with,

The essence of e-commerce cannot be denied. Canada has made its presence felt in all spheres and must not lag behind in any sphere. E-commerce was a pain point for the country, but with the increase in customers’ interest in shopping online and the various technical inputs, the country has bounced back. Thanks to the various companies and their expertise in various technical aspects that the country came back strong. Technology is a major element of e-commerce, and Canada has used it well to boost their e-commerce business.

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