The Impact of Evaporative Air Conditioning with Windows Open in Australia


Evaporative air conditioning systems are a popular choice in Australia due to their energy efficiency and ability to provide effective cooling in hot and dry climates. One common question that arises when using evaporative cooling is whether it is necessary to keep windows open during operation. In this article, we will explore the impact of evaporative air conditioning windows open Australia, examining the benefits, considerations, and potential drawbacks of this approach.

  1. How Evaporative Air Conditioning Works:

Before delving into the impact of open windows, it’s important to understand how evaporative air conditioning systems operate. Unlike traditional air conditioners that use refrigerants, evaporative coolers use the natural process of evaporation to cool the air. Water is evaporated and circulated through a cooling pad, and as the warm air passes through the pad, it absorbs moisture and lowers in temperature. The cooled air is then blown into the living space, creating a comfortable indoor environment.

  1. The Role of Open Windows:

Traditionally, evaporative coolers are designed to operate with windows partially or fully open. This is done to allow for proper ventilation and to facilitate the exchange of stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. When windows are open, it allows the cooled air from the evaporative cooler to flow into the living space while expelling hot air and improving air circulation.

  1. Benefits of Operating Evaporative Coolers with Open Windows:

a. Improved Air Quality: With windows open, evaporative air conditioning systems can bring in fresh outdoor air, helping to maintain a healthier indoor environment. This is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues.

b. Energy Efficiency: Evaporative coolers are known for their energy efficiency, as they consume significantly less electricity compared to traditional air conditioners. By utilizing natural cooling methods and relying on outdoor air, they can provide effective cooling at a fraction of the energy cost.

c. Lower Operating Costs: Operating an evaporative cooler with windows open can lead to lower energy bills due to reduced reliance on mechanical cooling and the use of outdoor air.

  1. Considerations for Using Evaporative Air Conditioning with Open Windows:

While there are notable benefits, several considerations should be taken into account when using evaporative cooling systems with open windows:

a. Climate Suitability: Evaporative cooling works best in hot and dry climates with low humidity. In areas with high humidity or excessive moisture, open windows may not be as effective and can increase indoor humidity levels.

b. Security Concerns: Open windows can potentially compromise the security of your home, especially if adequate precautions are not taken. It is important to ensure proper window locking mechanisms and other security measures are in place.

c. Outdoor Air Quality: The quality of outdoor air should be assessed before opening windows. If there are pollutants, allergens, or excessive dust in the air, it may not be advisable to keep windows open, as it could negatively impact indoor air quality.

  1. Alternative Strategies:

For those who prefer to keep windows closed or live in areas with high humidity, evaporative coolers can still provide efficient cooling by utilizing the recirculation mode. In this mode, the cooler circulates and filters the indoor air without introducing outdoor air. This method helps maintain indoor comfort without relying on open windows.

  1. Finding the Right Balance:

Ultimately, the decision to use evaporative air conditioning with open windows depends on factors such as climate, air quality, personal preferences, and security considerations. It is recommended to experiment and find the balance that works best for your specific circumstances. You can start by opening windows during cooler parts of the day or when outdoor air quality is favorable, while ensuring you have control over window security.


Operating evaporative air conditioning systems with open windows in Australia can provide numerous benefits, including improved air quality, energy efficiency, and lower operating costs. However, it is essential to consider factors such as climate suitability, outdoor air quality, and security concerns before adopting this approach. If keeping windows open is not feasible or desirable, alternative strategies such as recirculation mode can still deliver efficient cooling. By understanding the impact and finding the right balance, you can maximize the effectiveness and comfort of your evaporative air conditioning system in Australia.

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