Top 3 Documents Software Companies need translation for

You might be wondering which documents need to be translated if you’re a software company entering a new market where a different language is spoken. The solution is complicated because it depends on several variables.  However, as a general guideline, you should try to translate all crucial paperwork needed to launch your company in the new area. With this strategy, you can be confident that you’ll be ready for any foreseeable product improvements and future growth that the software sector inevitably brings. No matter what documents you need to get translated what is also important is the selection of a reliable translation agency, which can get a good job done for you.

The following are the 3 main documents that every software company must have translated while expanding in a new market.

User Manuals

Because they are written for those who will implement the software and the end user, who must truly grasp how to use it, these are the docs that have some flair and personality. They are more approachable and less technical. They must be eye-catching since they serve as the storefront window. Why translate it? Compared to the other two categories of documentation, this is perhaps more evident. How will your end users ever understand the documents if you don’t translate them for them? What will they do with it? How are you going to make them appreciate it and want to use your stuff once more? Additionally, system administrators will require a translation as you are likely to have recruited locals.

Process Documentation

These documents describe the steps required to develop the program. The testing, validation, handling of any legal obligations, and even routine business communications with suppliers. It enables members of the project team to comprehend how the software was developed, the technology that underlies it, the testing that it underwent, and how the final program was created.

This documentation reveals the origin of the ideas used if your software has to be updated, fixed, or has new sections added to it in the future.

System Documentation

This is the software’s executive summary. The materials intended for engineers and project participants are what enable them to comprehend the underlying technology of the software. This is the finished product rather than a roadmap of how it was created (the process documentation will cover that).


If you own are a software company and looking to expand it, to begin with, you need proper translation of these three documents. For this, you need the best translation agency who can take care of all the translation jobs.

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