Using Software for Successful Teams

Workspace digitalization is changing many organizational processes — not everyone for the better. In fact, with so many solutions being forced at a breakneck speed, employees aren’t the only ones complaining.

It has become evident with recent developments that deploying new tech isn’t enough to propel businesses forward. While not many disadvantages can be attributed to streamlining, employees need to be trained nevertheless.

The same applies to the top brass, especially frontline managers. Research shows that people are in fear of losing their jobs over new tech solutions, so it is essential to address the matter promptly.

Another employee complaint is that they cannot keep up with the rapid technological developments. This directly refers to the opening sentence: it is crucial to pick state-of-the-art software that will simplify procedures, not complicate them and couple their deployment with adequate training programs.

‘Adequate’ is the key word here, as information overload is the third greatest downside.

As long as businesses address these 3 major issues, they may well enjoy installing new tech and watching their brand grow exponentially.

We’ll mention hereby four necessary software solutions that are not instantly evident.

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Performance Management Apps

Software for better performance management can make a huge difference in day-to-day organizational processes.

Go for the option that upholds top-level communication and feedback and strengthens strategic goals.

Performance management can be complex, depending on the scope of the project, but there are always five steps to observe in the cycle:

  •         Planning — communicating goals
  •        Monitoring — monitoring employee performance
  •         Developing — using insights obtained during the monitoring phase to improve employee performance
  •         Rating — performance appraisal
  •        Rewarding — rewarding good performance

Performance management software can streamline these steps, but don’t leave everything to it! Managers need to maintain good relationships with employees, so keep communication alive and ask for feedback.

Finally, combine performance management software with project management- and communication tools. Optimally, all apps should integrate seamlessly with one another.

Time-Tracking Apps

Time tracking apps for landscapers and more are typically universally welcome by all. This software type, for once, makes things easier for everyone involved.

Tome tracking apps can be manual, digital or softwarized. The first two rely on either of these approaches: biometrics, proximity clocks, PIN clocks, swipe clock time cards, or punch clock time cards.

Softwarized time trackers focus on streamlining procedures and have a built-in timer. Pick an app that allows for editing time manually and attributing time records to each project.

The finest of time trackers also provide reports. Cloud-based technology has proven to be rather useful in this matter, as it records and stores the data in the cloud.

software for Successful Teams

Job Management Software

It may be difficult to choose among the myriad of project management apps, so look for the best job management software for frontline teams.

Frontline work is in dire need of help, with more and more people leaving their jobs for good. Since much has been said about this topic already, we’ll skip on the specs, but do remember to look for specific software options to aid your frontline teams.

Delivery Software

Choosing the best delivery software is absolutely paramount for any business. With so many unpredictable factors that may occur at any time during the shipping process, any solid app is more than welcome.

To increase supply chain efficiency, streamlining tracking, routing, warehousing, and other elements is crucial.

We’ll mention some use cases that top the list, but keep in mind that the list is not definite. Consider your business needs and budget for additional departments.

Loading Software

Loading is one step of the shipping process that can be optimized with the help of new tech. The main elements to keep in mind here are cargo size and order destination (and any other truck specifications).

Load optimization can eliminate a number of potential issues and new tech can help greatly in this regard.

Basically, load optimization encompasses aligning packages with the target container type capacity to decrease costs, prevent delays, avoid damaging cargo, and save loading and unloading times.

The complexity of loading lies in the fact that there are multiple participants, so load optimization is actually part of the logistics process.

Because there are multiple factors to keep in mind, finding a software solution that can streamline and simplify the process is recommended.

Real-Time Delivery Tracking

Real-time delivery tracking is certain to boost customer satisfaction. In fact, businesses that don’t practice it are likely to lose customers to competition.

Tracking systems typically make use of GPS monitoring and field status updates, so picking the right tech is important. An electronic proof of delivery is an added bonus and sometimes even a game changer.

Warehouse Management Systems

A warehouse management system (WMS) tracks the inventory in real-time (facility and transit included) and streamlines packing and other elements.

To truly benefit from this solution, businesses need to polish their warehouse processes first.

Digital Procurement Platforms

Lastly, digital procurement platforms (DPP) increase the end-to-end visibility of the cargo.

This is a complex tool that centralizes supplier, category, and contract administration, aligning procurement across the board.

DPPs generate visual breakdowns of the rate sheets, allowing for instantaneous adjustments.

Be Prepared for Newer Tech

New tech is developing rapidly, so businesses need to stay tuned. To avoid being lost in the sea of apps, consider only those that will help your brand polish the SOPs and streamline procedures.

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