What Makes Philadelphia a Perfect Study Abroad Destination?

Philadelphia, also known as Philly, is the most populous city in the US state of Pennsylvania and is a favorite destination for a large number of visitors. It attracts numerous tourists from across the globe. On the other hand, it is a perfect study-abroad destination for international students. Overseas students from different corners of the world visit Philadelphia to acquire post-school education.

Here, you will read about some aspects that make Philadelphia a perfect study-abroad destination.

Superior Quality Education

Philadelphia offers superior quality education to students in different streams. It has numerous universities and colleges, so students have different options. By number of students, Temple University and Drexel University are the largest universities in this city. The University of Pennsylvania is also a big university in the city, which is also the largest employer here.

The universities and colleges in this city have expert professors and lecturers. The institutes in this city have some special arrangements for international students.

Student Life in Universities and Colleges

student life

Universities and colleges in Philadelphia are not only famous for quality education but they also provide fantastic student life to individuals. There are some wonderful societies and organizations for students in universities in Philadelphia.

The societies and organizations in institutes are based on different themes. You can find some, that are based on ethnicities. Besides, there are several others, which are formed on the basis of hobbies and interests. You can join any of them, which you find most suitable for you.

Besides, libraries, playgrounds, sports courts, and many other arrangements can be found in universities and colleges in Philadelphia.

Student Accommodation in Philadelphia

There are also excellent arrangements for students in Philadelphia. Accommodations are the major requirements for students, and Philadelphia is not behind any other city in this regard. In student housing Philly, you can find excellent apartments, studios, and rooms. All the accommodations and their complexes are well-equipped with fantastic amenities.

Most student accommodations have study desks and chairs where you can study with complete focus and full comfort. Besides, there are also Wi-Fi internet connections to connect the internet to your devices and complete your projects and assignments as well as accomplish all other online tasks.

Fitness centers are also amazing features of student housing properties in Philly. Some housing properties also have yoga rooms to perform breathing exercises, yogic postures, and meditation. You may also find a swimming pool in the complex of your student accommodation Philadelphia. However, every property may not have a swimming pool so if you want it necessarily, you must check it before renting accommodation.

Moreover, you may also find televisions with cable connections in student accommodations for entertainment and news. Games rooms can also be found in some properties where you can play interesting games with your co-residents.

Dining features are also available here and some properties also have BBQs for grilled food lovers.

The student properties also have parking spaces for bicycles and big vehicles. Many housing properties are pet-friendly so if you are a pet lover, you can keep your pets there without any worries.

Rooms, studios, and apartments in student properties in Philadelphia are also equipped with a heating facility so you can keep your room warm in extreme winter.

Security features such as secure door entries and 24/7 security teams are also available in the student housing properties in Philadelphia.

Apart from the student housing properties, private apartments are also available in Philadelphia, which are also rented a lot by international students. You can also choose these apartments if you find them more suitable for you.

You can find the best accommodations easily for students nowadays on the websites and mobile apps of online student accommodation service platforms. These platforms provide listings of accommodations for students in different cities in the world including Philadelphia.

Popular Attractions in Philadelphia


When international students come to stay in Philadelphia, they also like to explore popular attractions during their weekends and other spare time. Some of the popular attractions in Philadelphia include:

  • Independence National Historical Park
  • Reading Terminal Market
  • The Franklin Institute
  • Historic Old City
  • Rittenhouse Square
  • Love Park (John F. Kennedy Plaza)
  • City Hall
  • Fairmount Park
  • Schuylkill River Trail
  • Franklin Square

So, you can see that there are a lot of places in Philadelphia related to history, culture, nature, adventure, etc.

Con’ clusion

There are ; many reasons why Philadelphia is a perfect study abroad destination. First of all, the city offers superior quality education with renowned universities and colleges. These universities have different types of societies and organizations, among which you can choose according to your interests.

There are also some wonderful accommodation options where you find numerous amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, study desks and chairs, Wi-Fi, TV, and more. Popular attractions related to culture, history, nature, adventure, etc. also allure international students.

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