Why Prezi is the Perfect Tool for Creating Engaging Assignments

Did you know about Prezi before that you can use it for creating engaging assignments? Prezi is the perfect cloud-based tool that allows you to create engaging and eye-catching assignments. We know that assignment writing is an essential part of your coursework. Your teachers assign specific topic-based assignments to you to assess your knowledge and skills. You should make it easy by using the amazing features of Prezi.

Prezi is a magical tool for creating engaging visuals in your assignment writing. Its non-sliding features are incredibly separate it from PowerPoint. It helps to enhance your creativity and confidence. In this blog, we will discuss how Prezi is the perfect tool for you to create engaging assignments.

Overview of Prezi

Prezi is a web tool that allows you to create engaging assignments and presentations. It makes your written work more attractive by designing visuals in it. It uses Canva-like features to make your assignments moveable with a zooming tab.

Its essential purpose is to connect and engage your audience with your content. It differs from other tools like PowerPoint and comes up with great storytelling, creativity and many colourful features.

Prezi has many valuable features you would love to see and use to write your engaging assignment. Its essential features include:

  1. Importing PowerPoint slides
  2. Presenter View
  3. Unique and dynamic format
  4. Canvas and Graphics rich presentations
  5. Video Embedded features
  6. Prezi for Website and iPhone, iPad users

Advantages of Prezi

  • It gives you a variety of templates that you can use to create your engaging assignments.
  • It is a free, easily available web-based tool, so paying money is unnecessary.
  • It is accessible to everyone and for all age groups of students.
  • It is an up-to-date tool that uses the latest technology.
  • It makes you able to share your assignments with different platforms.
  • It offers better functioning features than PowerPoint.
  • It enables you to write your engaging assignment uniquely to make it stand out.
  • It can create text links and images with movement with Zoom.
  • It allows you to transfer your PowerPoint assignment to Prezi to Break the Mold.
  • You can easily use it anywhere, anytime, without its installation on your device.
  • It helps you to optimise your performance and get good grades.
  • It provides special zoom features to reveal hidden aspects of a topic.
  • It has a fantastic feature to edit your submissions even after making and sharing their links. It can update the changes you made all over your engaging assignment.
  • It has a non-linear interface that makes its written work more engaging to the audience.
  • Both online and offline options are available on Prezi. You can present your opened assignment in the offline state as well.
  • Using its parallax feature, you can move the desired things faster than the others, enhancing visuals.
  • It provides access to its analytics dashboard, which helps you to analyse your work and see your performance.

How to use Prezi features for creating engaging assignments

Create an engaging assignment outline.

You can use it to sketch out your assignment outline. Timeline templates can help you keep track of essential initiatives.

Visual Representation of Information

The broad canvas encourages you to create a visual big picture to express your knowledge better.

Detail Dimensions

Prezi is a highly visual medium. A distinctive aspect of it is that it enables you to emphasise the importance of particular issues is its scalability.

Include audio files and graphics in each framework.

Prezi users can add audio files to each framework in the presentation, allowing viewers to listen to the narration while watching the graphics. It offers a variety of graphics options with their symbols to use in your engaging assignment.

Black the Screen to Enhance Engagement

If you want to attract your audience to your assignment, you can press ALT+B. It will black your computer screen and enhances your audience’s focus on your writing.

Insert a Background Image

You can easily add a background image to your assignment using Prezi. Simply select an image from your PC and insert it into your assignment.

Make a new text box.

Prezi allows you to add text to create headings and labels. Open your assignment to which you wish to add a text box, then double-click anywhere within it to switch from show mode to edit mode. The text box will display on its own.

Use Google Images without leaving Prezi.

You may now insert Google Photos without leaving Prezi. Yes, that’s right. You can search for icons in Prezi and insert them directly into your assignment.

Text Editor for Prezi

In recent months, Prezi has updated its Prezi’s text editor to its best version. It has some beautiful new features, such as a spellchecker, that can simplify your assignment writing process.

Check Your Spelling

When you misspell something, Prezi will underline the word or mistake with the help of the spell checker.

Use of indents and bullet points

The option to use bullet points and indentation is another new feature in Prezi’s text editor. This greatly simplifies your assignment writing and makes it more clear. You can use these bullet points to enhance assignment engagement.

Sharing Options

Prezi provides some additional benefits in the form of sharing options. You can keep your Prezi in the public domain, and anyone can access it easily with access to the Internet. You can share your engaging assignments made at Prezi with your classmates and teachers.

You are now aware of many of Prezi’s distinctive features. It gives you an idea even though not every idea is fully described.  We know how intimidating the Prezi edit screen can be when first used.

It appears to be a totally new planet because there are just 2 buttons to choose from and grid lines. Hopefully, this list will help you feel more at home. Editing Prezi is easy. Unlike other presentation software, their customisation choices are exclusive to how they operate.


Are you still using traditional ways to write your assignment and unable to make it more engaging and captivating? Try Prezi now to make engaging assignments and presentations. You can also check the performance of your presented work by Prezi Present Analytics. Get benefits from Prezi’s unique features to enhance your skills and academic performance.

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