Amazing Benefits & Healing Properties of the Panna Stone

Panna stone is commonly known as an Emerald gemstone all over the world.  With its stunning green color, this stone catches the eye easily which makes it a popular choice for engagement rings and other sentimental jewelry pieces.

But the value of this stone is because of its significance in astrology. The belief says that the Panna stone represents growth, love, and prosperity. Along with it, it soothes the mind as well as provides physical healing.

Always in demand, this gemstone has been in the collection of many leaders and kings. Kings used to use this Magnifique jewel in their crowns and jewelry.

Here, we will discuss the benefits and healing properties of the emerald stone.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing the Panna Stone

The ruling planet of the Original Panna Stone is Mercury. Hence, astrologers recommend that the people who have the negative effects of mercury in their birth chart must wear an emerald gemstone. It will neutralize the side effects and increase positivity in your life.

Panna stone will provide many advanatages other than this, such as:

  • Bringing self-confidence to the wearer, the panna stone will give you hope and optimism and the self-assurance to take actions for achieving your goals.

  • The stone increases intellectual of the person who wears it. It increases knowledge, understanding and learning capability, as well as enhances decision-making skills.

  • The stone also brings forward the creative side of the wearer. Enhancing the communication skills, it will help you to convey your idea better and express yourself meaningfully.

  • It will promote your artistic approach to life and so this stone is highly recommended to artists like writers, musicians, producers, public speakers, etc.

  • The emerald stone also brings love and harmony to the relationships. Especially in a married couple. It increases the understanding in the bond.

Indeed, this stone is said to activate the Heart chakra in the wearer, which increases love and compassion powers. And so this stone is said to increase the depth of bonds of friendships and love.

  • Since the times of rulers and dynasties, the emerald stone have been seen as a symbol of royalty and luxury. Bringing in success and wealth, this gem will increase your growth financially. So, sometimes this stone is also known as the stone of prosperity.

Health Benefits of the Panna Stone 

The energy flow of the Panna stone heals the spiritual as well as the physical form of the wearer in many ways, such as:

  • It will cure any diseases or problems related to the ears, eyes, or skin. Indeed, the Panna stone will aid the problems related to the nervous system, brain, respiratory system, and kidneys.

  • If you are suffering from any speech disorders, then you should wear this stone. It will help you with your speech.

  • Diminishing the effects of allergies, the Emerald Stone will also protect you from infections.

  • Plus it will give you relief from any pain whether it be from injuries, any disease, or internal pain.

  • Additionally, by strengthening your immune system the Panna will help you maintain your overall wellbeing.

  • Spiritually, the Panna stone reduces tensions and pressure from the wearer’s mind. And gives you calmness and peace.

  • Also, the Panna will protect the spirit of the wearer from evil spirits, bad omens and black magiic kind of things.

Panna Stone Price 

An original Panna stone is one of the most expensive and rare gemstones. And hence the value of this stone is quite high.

Generally, the price of emerald stone in India ranges between INR 800 Per Carat to INR 50000 Per Carat. But as per the cut, color, clarity, and color of the gemstone, the price can go high. The origin and quality of the panna stone will also affect the cost range and so you should consider all these factors while buying a Panna stone.

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Summing Up 

As per Vedic astrology, the specialty of the emerald gemstone is that it brings royalty, and success to the wearer. Its astrological significance makes it a highly prized gemstone. This stone holds a special place in the realm of physical and metaphysical healing.

This stone has a long history in which its beauty and importance are measured so much that blood has been spilled over it. The dark green color of this stone with its transparency, fineness, and luster makes it highly attractive and demandable.

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