Exploring the natural wonders of Kerala from Ahmedabad

Kerala, known as God’s Own Land, is a paradise of natural wonders. A Kerala from Ahmedabad trip offers the pristine beaches and serene backwaters to lush green forests and breathtaking hill stations. Kerala offers a diverse range of landscapes that will captivate any traveler.

If you are planning a trip from Ahmedabad, get ready for an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature. In this blog post, we will guide you through some of the most spectacular natural attractions in Kerala. Here is an Ahmedabad to Kerala tour itinerary for a memorable journey for you. Above all, it will ensure a memorable and immersive experience.

1: Munnar, The Verdant Hill Station

Start your Kerala adventure by visiting Munnar, a picturesque hill station situated in the Western Ghats. With its rolling hills, tea plantations, and mist covered valleys, Munnar is a haven for nature lovers. Explore the tea gardens, where you can learn about the tea making process and enjoy panoramic views of surrounding landscapes.

Visit the Eravikulam National Park, home to the Nilgiri Tahr, a rare goat species. Embark on a trek to Anamudi the highest peak in South India. The lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, and cool climate make Munnar a perfect retreat for those seeking tranquillity amidst nature’s splendour.

2: Alleppey Backwaters, A Serene Water World

No trip to Kerala is complete without experiencing the enchanting backwaters of Alleppey. Board a houseboat and cruise along the backwaters, meandering through palm fringed canals and witnessing the local way of life.

The peaceful ambience, coupled with the picturesque views of paddy fields, coconut groves, and quaint villages, creates a magical setting. Relax on the deck, savour traditional Kerala cuisine prepared by onboard chefs. Let the gentle rhythm of the backwaters transport you to a state of blissful tranquillity.

3: Periyar National Park, Wildlife Encounters

For wildlife enthusiasts, a visit to Periyar National Park is a must. Located in Thekkady, this area is home to diverse flora and fauna, including elephants, tigers, leopards, and various bird species.

Embark on a boat safari on Periyar Lake, where you can spot animals at the water’s edge. Alternatively, explore the park on foot with a guided trek through its dense forests. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the wilderness and capture memories of Kerala’s natural beauty at its best.

4: Athirapally Falls, Majestic Cascades

Make your way to Athirapally Falls, often referred to as the Niagara of India. Located near the town of Chalakudy, these magnificent waterfalls cascade down from a height of 80 feet. They are surrounded by lush green forests.

The thundering sound of the water and the misty spray create a truly awe inspiring sight. Spend time near the falls, capturing photographs or simply immersing yourself in the beauty of nature. The surrounding area is also home to diverse wildlife, adding to the allure of this natural wonder.

5: Varkala Beach, Serenity by the Sea

Experience the tranquillity of Varkala Beach, a pristine coastal stretch located in the town of Varkala. With its golden sands, dramatic cliffs, and azure waters, this beach offers a serene escape from the bustling city life. Take a stroll along the cliff-side promenade, lined with shops and cafes, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea.

Relax on the beach, sunbathe, or indulge in Ayurvedic massages offered by local wellness centres. As the sun sets, witness the mesmerising sight of the golden hues reflected on the tranquil waters. They further creates a truly romantic atmosphere.


A journey from Ahmedabad to Kerala unveils a world of natural wonders that will leave you spellbound. It offers the verdant hills of Munnar and serene backwaters of Alleppey.

You will see the diverse wildlife of Periyar National Park and the majestic cascades of Athirapally Falls. In short, Kerala’s natural beauty is unparalleled.

Embrace the tranquillity of Varkala Beach and let the gentle waves wash away your worries. Kerala’s natural wonders offer a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

They allow you to connect with nature and rejuvenate your soul. So, plan your trip and embark on a journey into God’s Own Land, where breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable experiences await.

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