Piping Design Engineering: An Overview


Today the demand for piping engineers is growing rapidly. However, before you pursue your career in this field there are certain things you must know. For instance, you must get familiar with the key duties of a piping engineer. Keeping this in mind, today we are sharing with you everything you need to know about piping design engineering.

What Is Piping Engineering?

Basically, it is a field of mechanical engineering that deals with designing piping systems for chemical and petrochemical facilities. Piping engineers are responsible for developing the entire plant layout for chemical and petrochemical facilities. Furthermore, they are also responsible for handling different challenges that may appear while installing piping systems in different facilities. In other words, the job of a piping engineer is not kid’s play. To learn how to create amazing plant layouts for different facilities in detail feel free to join our Piping Design Course in Noida.

Necessary Skills

A pipe design engineer requires to have certain skills. For instance, he must be an expert in designing plant layouts. Besides this, he must also have good knowledge of 3D modeling. In other words, becoming a piping engineer is not as easy as you may think. The following are the different skills that a competent piping engineer require to possess:

  • Proficiency in designing piping layouts
  • Knowledge of piping materials
  • Proficiency in piping stress analysis
  • Knowledge of different piping design software
  • Knowledge about 3D modeling
  • Deep knowledge of various piping systems
  • Proficiency in handling different piping engineering challenges
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Observational skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Project management skills
  • Drafting skills

Responsibilities of Piping Engineer

A piping engineer performs lots of important duties for his clients. He is responsible for designing and installing piping systems for his clients. Besides this, he is responsible for tackling challenges that might appear while designing/installing piping systems. In other words, the job of a piping engineer is quite challenging. Following are some of the major duties of piping engineers:

  • He is responsible for designing the layout of plant facilities keeping in mind the client’s requirements
  • He is responsible for ensuring the piping systems are made in accordance with applicable codes/standards.
  • A piping engineer is accountable for giving work instructions to designers.
  • He is responsible for developing piping MTO.
  • He is responsible for tackling problems while designing plant facilities.
  • A piping engineer provides technical support to the entire design team.

How to Become an Expert Piping Engineer?

Becoming a piping design expert is a very difficult task. Why? Because to become a piping engineer you must have a deep understanding of different concepts of piping design engineering. Furthermore, you must have skills like proficiency in 3D modeling, and knowledge of different CAD solutions. However, if you follow a good strategy then you can easily become an expert piping engineer. Following is a guide that you can follow to easily become a confident piping engineer:

  • Master fundaments of piping engineering
  • Get a relevant degree/certification
  • Learn about different CAD software
  • Take up Scholarships
  • Take up jobs as a piping engineer

Popular Piping Design tools

Following are some of the most famous piping engineering tools in the market:

Smart Plant 3D

It is one of the top-notch piping design engineering tools in the market. The solution comes with all the capabilities that are essential for designing different facilities. Furthermore, you can also enhance the capabilities of the solution by integrating it with other third-party solutions. Apart from this, the solution offers features like intelligent rules & relationships, interoperability, 3D visualization, etc. to users.


PDMS is a very versatile and very easy-to-customize piping design software. The solution comes with many incredible features that make it very easy for a piping engineer to design different facilities. Additionally, you can also integrate PDMS with different 2D CAD solutions. This is another major reason why the solution is so popular among piping engineers. Apart from this, it offers features like easy integration with 2D AutoCAD software, status management, etc. Overall, this piping engineering solution is fabulous and you will not regret using it.


It is a comprehensive and very powerful design application. The solution is very famous amongst piping engineers. This is because of the features that PDS provides to users. For instance, it provides features like dynamic walkthrough, interference checking, etc. Additionally, you can also integrate the solution with different CAD solutions. So, if you are looking for a reliable and powerful design solution then PDS is perfect for you. To learn about the interference checking feature of PDS in detail feel free to join our Piping Design Online Course.


Now you know everything that you must know about the piping engineering field. Thus, now you can decide whether this field is ideal for you or not. But overall pursuing your career in the piping engineering field can be very beneficial for you. So, if this thrills you then you must consider pursuing your career as a piping design engineer.

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