Shop Fittings Scotland

The shop fitting trade applies to the fit-out of retail outlets like corner shops, department stores, convenience stores and supermarkets. It includes executing planning, designing the store layout and installing equipment and services. It also involves bringing interior design expertise and production of bespoke furniture.

The cost of shop fitting is a major consideration for any new retail venture. It is important to do your research and understand the average costs involved.


The design of shop fittings Scotland is an important part of retail design. It involves a lot of different things, from displaying products to creating a store environment that is attractive and inviting. Professionals in this field often use their knowledge of color and style to create stores that are unique and will draw customers in. They also know how to create an environment that will make customers want to buy more items.

The process of shopfitting includes surveying the retail space, preparing design drawings, and installing equipment and services. It is a trade that encompasses all kinds of outlets, from corner shops to hypermarkets. Its practitioners typically have interior design expertise and assist with the design of bespoke furniture, signage and fittings, as well as purchasing retail equipment.

Darren and Aaron’s commitment to quality, cost control, and adherence to deadlines are exceptional and have proven themselves again and again on the SPAR Scotland projects. Their attention to detail is flawless and they are a true professionals and the type of people any business should work with.


GDP Design & Shopfitting Ltd supply shop equipment and accessories for convenience stores, post offices, newsagents, petrol station forecourts, green grocers, off licences, pharmacies and more. Their products include shelving, point of sale displays, retail display cabinets and counters, mannequins, cash tills, a-boards, display units, gondolas, slat wall hooks, clothes rails and hangers and more.

QD Plastics are UK based manufacturers of high quality shop fitting and retail display equipment. They offer a wide range of plastic fabrications including slatwall panels, a vast array of slatwall hooks, a-boards and gondolas. Their product range includes point of sale display counters, POP displays and POS systems, shop furniture, magazine, newspaper and card stands, baskets, trolleys, queue and barrier and queuing systems, shelf talkers, pavement signs and poster frames.

Steampunk have a great ethos and work extremely hard to deliver all associated deliverables on time, every time. Their attention to detail is impeccable and their progressive approach is refreshing in the industry. I would highly recommend them for any convenience retailer in Scotland.


Shop fitting Dundee is a trade that involves the fit out of retail outlets including corner shops, department stores, convenience stores and supermarkets with equipment and fixtures. It’s typically carried out by a specialist firm that incorporates professional expertise in interior design and the manufacture of bespoke furniture, signage and fittings (with either their own or outsourced facilities). The company also buys retail equipment and delivers it to stores ready for installation.

Project management is a crucial aspect of any shopfitting contract. Having the experience to liaise with all trades and specialists on behalf of clients ensures that projects run smoothly. This is especially important when it comes to fast-tracked projects. Howe projects can offer this service and produce costings, programmes and schedules of works with associated timeframes for each phase of the project.

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